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Polished Concrete Flooring For The Hotel Industry

Polished concrete flooring has taken the hotel world by storm over the last few years because of its durability and decorative benefits. Dated carpet and scuffed or marked floors throughout any hotel can help to convey an outdated and aged look. Polished concrete floors on the other hand are able to stand up to the heavy foot traffic, bell carts, luggage, strollers, and other traffic that is often seen throughout a hotel. And with its sleek and glossy finish, polished… Read More »Polished Concrete Flooring For The Hotel Industry

Traveling To St. Augustine, Floridia

St. Augustine, Florida is one of the best spring/summer vacation destinations. With the dazzling ocean and abundance of sunshine and warmth, traveling to Florida can make for one great vacation! One of the biggest events calling its name to travelers is St. Augustine Race Week. This year with travel plans picking up again, the yearly racing event will take place once again. Scheduled for April 17th thru April 24th, Race Week is filled with, you guessed it, boat races &… Read More »Traveling To St. Augustine, Floridia

The Travel Industry – Light At The End of The Tunnel

The travel industry took a major hit when the COVID-19 pandemic came about full force and continued to surge throughout the world. Airlines corporations and the hotel industry saw a major loss in revenue, while people were forced to cancel travel plans and remain in lockdown. Now with vaccinations being distributed worldwide and a decrease in COVID-19 cases globally, the travel bug has set in once again.  Vaccinations Help To Increase Travel With more and more people receiving the COVID… Read More »The Travel Industry – Light At The End of The Tunnel

What To Know About Hot Tubs When Traveling

In our previous article, we discussed some of the best amenities that can be found at different hotels. Having a pool and hot tub to utilize on the property is probably among one of the top amenities that travelers look for when staying at a hotel. While the pool is rarely enjoyed all year round, especially in colder cities like Boulder, Colorado, the hot tub usually is. In fact, hot tub use at the majority of Boulder’s hotels is among… Read More »What To Know About Hot Tubs When Traveling

The Best Hotel Amenities

Hotels offer different stand out amenities and often travelers book hotels according to what these amenities might be. In this day and age to stay ahead of the competition and to become a well sought-after hotel brand, hotels are going far beyond the normal amenities offered. Amenities like turndown service and free coffee in your room are now just looked at as the basics or bare minimum. Check out these amazing, new-age amenities being offered in hotels & bed &… Read More »The Best Hotel Amenities

Staying At A bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts are a great alternative to staying in a hotel while also offering additional benefits. Usually built from charming old houses, the atmosphere is different from hotels and is usually meant to make the guest feel like they are staying in a home that is warm, inviting & comfortable. Bed & breakfasts are great for those who look to have a more personalized experience while also meeting & interacting with new people. That being said there are some… Read More »Staying At A bed & Breakfast

Ceramic Pro Photocatalytic -Sanitization Breakthrough

With new safety & sanitary standards, hotels and many in the hospitality industry are striving to find the best sanitization techniques out there. Not only does this help to reduce/halt the spread of Covid-19 it also helps to make guests more comfortable during these hard and uncertain times.  With that being said, in our last article, we went over different steps that hotel companies can take to help lessen guest concerns, but we have found there could be new cutting… Read More »Ceramic Pro Photocatalytic -Sanitization Breakthrough

COVID-19 Hotel Expectations

 With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing and no apparent end in sight as of yet, traveling and the need for increased sanitization & safety conditions is very important.  From airlines to hotel chains the main focus is to not only make sure that the spread of germs is as minimized as possible but that the guests utilizing their services are comfortable and as much at ease as possible. So what exactly does this look like in terms of the… Read More »COVID-19 Hotel Expectations