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What To Know About Hot Tubs When Traveling

In our previous article, we discussed some of the best amenities that can be found at different hotels. Having a pool and hot tub to utilize on the property is probably among one of the top amenities that travelers look for when staying at a hotel. While the pool is rarely enjoyed all year round, especially in colder cities like Boulder, Colorado, the hot tub usually is. In fact, hot tub use at the majority of Boulder’s hotels is among one of the most utilized amenities. That being said, the upkeep & maintenance of those hot tubs are extremely important to the safety and health of the user. We spoke with Boulder hot tubs sales & maintenance specialist, Rick on what to look for before enjoying any hot tub when traveling or that is not your own. 

Not all public hot tubs provide a safe & clean environment. There are a few steps you can take before utilizing any hot tub while traveling to ensure it is safe to enter. 

A Coin For Clarity – Toss in a dime or a penny, you should be able to see whether the coin lands on heads or tails. You should also be able to see the drain at the bottom of the tub clearly. If the water does not provide this much clarity it probably isn’t safe to use. 

Foam Is A Definite NO – Should you see any foam floating on the surface even after the jets have been turned off STAY OUT. The tub is not clean and the chemicals it relies on are most surely not balanced. Hot or warm water is a breeding ground of bacteria!

No Soaking When You Have Diarrhea – Should you soak when in this condition you are apt to spread a lot of germs in the water which can make others sick. 

PH Strips – Stop by a local hot tub retailer and pick up some ph strips. Carry them with you when you travel and test the water before getting in the spa to soak those tired travel-weary muscles. 

You should also always do your part in helping to maintain a clean & safe hot tub environment. Shower with warm water before getting in the hot tub. This can help to rinse off any lotion, oils, dirt, etc. that might help to contaminated the water.