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COVID-19 Hotel Expectations

 With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing and no apparent end in sight as of yet, traveling and the need for increased sanitization & safety conditions is very important.  From airlines to hotel chains the main focus is to not only make sure that the spread of germs is as minimized as possible but that the guests utilizing their services are comfortable and as much at ease as possible. So what exactly does this look like in terms of the hotel industry?

With increased sanitization & cleaning protocols, hotels are also trying to minimize person-to-person contact as much as possible. This means that as many automated services as possible the better. So from check-in to having guest services send up more towels, hotels are automating as much as possible. While it is not the ideal for the hospitality industry, being that customer experience is everything, there is little that can be done about it during these times. Other hotel policy changes include…

Reservation Flexibility- is key right now. With so much up in the air and everyone’s health a great concern, hotels who generally have a strict cancellation policy are now showing a great deal of flexibility. Should a potential guest fall ill, change travel plans, or numerous other reasons, hotels are embracing flexible reservation policies.

Communication- Most hotels in an effort to keep their guests in the loop and aware of their cleaning and sanitization standards many are posting information and signage with all of the wanted details and then some. Staying in communication with their guests and embracing the trying times that we are in let guests know that the hotel has their health and best interest in mind and that they greatly want to make the guest feel comfortable upon their stay.

Food & Beverage Options- You will also notice a great change in the food and beverage options within your hotel. Should they offer a complimentary breakfast instead of buffet style things will be prepackaged and handed out individually. Many in house restaurants will not be open for inside sit down service but their patios may be available with social distancing requirements in effect. 

While we aren’t sure really what to expect in terms of what is to happen in the future for now we can all work together to slow the spread of disease & germs and all do our part in making sure we are as sanitary as possible. Should you have concerns about the hotel you are staying in it is always best to ask to speak with someone that can further explain protocols, answer your questions, etc.