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Ceramic Pro Photocatalytic -Sanitization Breakthrough

With new safety & sanitary standards, hotels and many in the hospitality industry are striving to find the best sanitization techniques out there. Not only does this help to reduce/halt the spread of Covid-19 it also helps to make guests more comfortable during these hard and uncertain times.  With that being said, in our last article, we went over different steps that hotel companies can take to help lessen guest concerns, but we have found there could be new cutting edge technology to really protect from the spread of germs and viruses.

We spoke with Immaculate Detail owner Jon, about a ceramic coating product his company installs that actually neutralizes and kills bacteria. Ceramic Pro Photocatalytic coating has been proven to professionally clean and disinfects vehicles, homes, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, hotels, and more.  It eliminates airborne viruses, has known antibacterial properties, deodorizes VOC (volatile organic compounds), mold, and soiling.  It can be applied to all surfaces and when it applies it bonds to the substrate. Furthermore, when it is exposed to UV light it continues to disinfect and kill bacteria.

This is a huge thing for the hospitality industry during this pandemic. Not only can it be applied to rooms, but guest service areas, hotel employee work environments, and even hotel transportation killing bacteria on contact, its antibacterial & sanitizing properties also last for up to 6 months.

While the initial investment may seem a bit daunting, the ROI actually allows for the material to pay for itself. And because it is manufactured by Ceramic Pro, the number one ceramic coating in the business, the warranty & quality of this product is unmatched. 

One thing is for certain, with businesses struggling to stay afloat, the travel industry taking a hit, and a lot of unknown when it comes to what the future holds, business competition has never been so real. Staying ahead of the competition and solidifying your mission and standards as a business will go a long way in creating and providing the right sanitary and safe environment for all guests.