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Staying At A bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts are a great alternative to staying in a hotel while also offering additional benefits. Usually built from charming old houses, the atmosphere is different from hotels and is usually meant to make the guest feel like they are staying in a home that is warm, inviting & comfortable. Bed & breakfasts are great for those who look to have a more personalized experience while also meeting & interacting with new people. That being said there are some pros & cons to staying in a Bed & Breakfast and we have a list for you!

Pro’s & Con’s of A Bed & Breakfast


Scheduled Activities – Most bed & breakfasts offer a scheduled list of activities every day. From activities on the premises to exploring nearby attractions & the nearby towns, the activities are creative & fun!

Meet New People – For those who love meeting new people staying at a bed & breakfast is a great way to do so.  Breakfast is usually enjoyed together with the other guests and evening cocktail hours are usually in place to add a little evening connection.

Personalized Experience – While there is less privacy than a hotel people generally tend to stay at bed & breakfasts to have a more personalized traveling experience. Often creating connections with other guests as well that can turn into love connections, lifelong friendships, and possibly one of the best traveling experiences you might have.


Lack of Amenities – While staying at a bed & breakfast does offer a more personalized experience your stay can also lack some of the hotel amenities you enjoy most on vacation. Think pool, spa, and fitness center to name a few.

Too Close Quarters – You will find a lot more close of quarters when staying in a Bed & Breakfast compared to a hotel. Those that like to keep to themselves should definitely take this into consideration before booking a stay at a B&B. It is also worth mentioning that even those who don’t mind the intimacy of a B&B still may find it is a little too close for comfort when the bed & breakfast is full. 

Other Guests May Not Like – Some people’s personalities and different moral beliefs don’t mesh well with other peoples. You may not have any dislike toward other guests but just find you don’t appreciate them in your space. While you never know what kind of other people might be staying there, there are also a lot of people you could get along well with and enjoy being around. Meeting new people is always great.

With everything there comes pros and cons. If you are looking for a more quaint & interactive stay somewhere a bed and breakfast just might be the spot for you. It is also hard to compare B&B’s to a hotel because they bring to your travel completely different experiences.