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Spring Creek Resort

A private cove on the Spring Creek Arm of Bull Shoals Lake. 

True Southern Hospitality

Come and enjoy your holidays in a refreshing and peaceful solitary resort. Spend quality time with your family with plenty of activities for adults and children to enjoy.


Hc 1 Box 1235 ISABELLA, Mo 65676

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Area Attraction


Bass, largemouth, and small mouth, white bass, crappie, catfish, carp, walleye and blue gill – any or all will give you a thrill when they attack your lure! The fishing is always a good time for the serious angler or just fun off the dock.

Fun On The Water

Because Bull Shoals Lake is crystal clear, water skiing, boating, scuba diving, tubing, and wake boarding are more enjoyable, Bring your own boat and water toys or rent them from a nearby marina. You have never had so much fun on, in or under the water!



If all you want to do is just sit on your own front porch and listen to the sounds of nature, Spring Creek Resort is just the place to do it! Give us a call. We would love to make your vacation one you won’t forget.

Why Choose Us

Pool & Play Ground

Your kids are safe at our playing zone with our best staff to fulfill their demands while you can have time for yourself.

Hunting & Fishing

Enjoy fishing in the local lakes and ponds with the right equipment available at the resort and an assistant to guide you.


Enjoy staying in warm and comfortable cabins at our resort. We have a room for every individual and family with multiple luxury levels.

Boat Dock Gallery

Double Bedroom

Double bedroom suites for families. Special kids’ room with games and fun activities.

Fully equipped kitchen

Enjoy preparing fresh food during your bright holidays as we stack your fridge with fresh vegetables and food.

lake view

Enjoy the beautiful lake view from your balcony. Book your cabins early to get the best view of the lake.

400 +
Amusement Parks
70 +
Visitors a day
“I had an amazing time. The staff was super friendly and very professional with everything. I could feel the luxury of the room just by the cleanliness of it. Great holiday destination.”
Victor Bryant
“This is a quality holiday resort for people who like to spend some quality time in a quiet place. It really justifies its price and offers plenty of activities for everyone in a family. ”
Amanda Spicer

From Our Blog

Polished Concrete Flooring For The Hotel Industry

Polished concrete flooring has taken the hotel world by storm over the last few years because of its durability and decorative benefits. Dated carpet and scuffed or marked floors throughout any hotel can help to convey an outdated and aged look. Polished concrete floors on the other hand are able to stand up to the heavy foot traffic, bell carts, luggage, strollers, and other traffic that is often seen throughout a hotel. And with its sleek and glossy finish, polished concrete flooring helps to add elegance to any space. In fact, polished concrete floors or interior concrete flooring comes with a number of benefits besides just adding to the hotel’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Decorative Concrete Floors – Hotels & Resorts

Interior concrete floors are a great way to add a more modern look to any hotel while also helping to create a great first impression amongst any travelers utilizing hotel accommodations. Easy to maintain, interior concrete flooring is chemical, moisture, and UV resistant. This means that not only will your interior concrete flooring last longer than carpet or other types of flooring material, but it will also stay looking it’s very best. Carpet can easily hold on to dust and other allergens while polished concrete flooring promotes a cleaner, healthier interior space.

Benefits of Interior Concrete Floors

  • Moisture Resistant
  • UV Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Cost Effective
  • Modern Design/Updated Appearance

Cost-Effective Modern Flooring Alternative

In a nutshell, interior concrete floors are a great flooring solution for any hotel or commercial space. Polished concrete flooring can even be utilized in residential spaces adding a more modern cost-effective design to your personal space. Easy to maintain, concrete floors are left looking their best, meaning that your hotel or commercial space always provides a great first impression. Polished concrete flooring helps to improve indoor air quality because it is not able to emit any VOCs or is not able to hold on to any dirt, bacteria, or moisture that can result in mold and mildew. Polished concrete floors promote an allergen-free space and are great for those that suffer from asthma or respiratory conditions. If you are looking to update any hotel, office space or residential space concrete flooring is a great solution. Meant to last while improving overall aesthetic appeal means that interior concrete floors & polished concrete flooring are one of if not the best choices when it comes to commercial or residential flooring solutions.


Traveling To St. Augustine, Floridia

St. Augustine, Florida is one of the best spring/summer vacation destinations. With the dazzling ocean and abundance of sunshine and warmth, traveling to Florida can make for one great vacation! One of the biggest events calling its name to travelers is St. Augustine Race Week. This year with travel plans picking up again, the yearly racing event will take place once again. Scheduled for April 17th thru April 24th, Race Week is filled with, you guessed it, boat races & parties galore. 

St. Augustine’s Best Spring Time Event

St. Augustine Race Week is the ultimate spring sailing event that features both offshore & bayfront racing. There are before-race socials to attend as well as after-race parties. During the last 3 days of the event, the main race, Offshore Regatta is held and Meehan’s, a local restaurant hosts the Big Tent Party. During the races, sailors race offshore yachts anywhere from 24-50 feet long! And we are talking about some truly amazing and beautiful yachts. Many yachts have brilliant boat wraps on display, setting them apart from each other out on the water. Local vinyl wrap artists, perfectly wrap these beautiful vessels making them more dazzling than they already are. 

Another great thing about this classic St. Augustine event is that it is open to the public! You don’t have to sail or be racing in one of the vents to attend. Local food vendors, live music, and different locations offer a truly exciting time. Depending on the day & event to take place, different marinas are utilized for racing and include such marinas as The St. Augustine Yacht Club and St. Augustine Marina. Should you choose to travel & attend this yearly event you are also helping to contribute to a nonprofit entity! That’s right St Augustine Race week donates a major portion of its proceeds from entry fees and sponsorship deals to the Youth Sailing scholarship fund. This scholarship is in place to help underprivileged kids attend summer sailing camps in different places throughout Florida.  This gives kids the opportunity to discover and nurture their sailing dreams. It also is a great outlet to help kids interact and do something constructive and positive with their summers! 

If you are planning a trip to Florida this April we highly suggest you check out St. Augustine Race Week. We have a feeling you won’t be disappointed!


The Travel Industry – Light At The End of The Tunnel

The travel industry took a major hit when the COVID-19 pandemic came about full force and continued to surge throughout the world. Airlines corporations and the hotel industry saw a major loss in revenue, while people were forced to cancel travel plans and remain in lockdown. Now with vaccinations being distributed worldwide and a decrease in COVID-19 cases globally, the travel bug has set in once again. 

Vaccinations Help To Increase Travel

With more and more people receiving the COVID vaccine and beginning to feel more comfortable traveling, airline stocks have begun to surge. Airline carriers also reported an increase in bookings and TSA screenings. With positive increases in many airline revenue trends, the CEO of major airline carriers are beginning to become more optimistic in terms of finding some relief from the major debt crisis they have found themselves in over the past year. The battered travel industry has finally turned a corner. But that does not mean that it is back to normal quite yet. In fact, there is still about a 45% decrease in travel levels compared to 2019 levels. This means that while the airline & travel industry is recovering, they still have a long way to go. And we must keep in mind that while many feel more so protected now with the vaccine & more knowledge on the virus, it might not last for long. Will this increase in travel help to bring about a new more complicated strain of this horrendous virus?

A New COVID-19 Strain & Travel- Do They Correlate?

With the increase in travel, there are definitely some concerns. Experts are concerned that with the major increase in travel, especially during spring break, we will also see an increased spike in COVID-19 cases. But with the summer season booking already looking promising these concerns don’t seem to be the same among the mass of people looking to travel. Many believe that the extended lockdown and introduction of the vaccine have people ready to go again and ready for that much-needed getaway. They are putting their faith in the fact that getting vaccinated is supposed to protect them. And while this is true to some extent it doesn’t mean the virus still can’t be transmitted.

In the end, the travel industry still has a long way to go to fully recover and move forward from the toll the pandemic took on the industry. In the same sense, people look to travel as their much-needed get away from the stresses that this virus has brought forth. Getting back to normal might be a thing of the past when it comes to travel. In fact, the travel industry most definitely has a new normal.

What To Know About Hot Tubs When Traveling

In our previous article, we discussed some of the best amenities that can be found at different hotels. Having a pool and hot tub to utilize on the property is probably among one of the top amenities that travelers look for when staying at a hotel. While the pool is rarely enjoyed all year round, especially in colder cities like Boulder, Colorado, the hot tub usually is. In fact, hot tub use at the majority of Boulder’s hotels is among one of the most utilized amenities. That being said, the upkeep & maintenance of those hot tubs are extremely important to the safety and health of the user. We spoke with Boulder hot tubs sales & maintenance specialist, Rick on what to look for before enjoying any hot tub when traveling or that is not your own. 

Not all public hot tubs provide a safe & clean environment. There are a few steps you can take before utilizing any hot tub while traveling to ensure it is safe to enter. 

A Coin For Clarity – Toss in a dime or a penny, you should be able to see whether the coin lands on heads or tails. You should also be able to see the drain at the bottom of the tub clearly. If the water does not provide this much clarity it probably isn’t safe to use. 

Foam Is A Definite NO – Should you see any foam floating on the surface even after the jets have been turned off STAY OUT. The tub is not clean and the chemicals it relies on are most surely not balanced. Hot or warm water is a breeding ground of bacteria!

No Soaking When You Have Diarrhea – Should you soak when in this condition you are apt to spread a lot of germs in the water which can make others sick. 

PH Strips – Stop by a local hot tub retailer and pick up some ph strips. Carry them with you when you travel and test the water before getting in the spa to soak those tired travel-weary muscles. 

You should also always do your part in helping to maintain a clean & safe hot tub environment. Shower with warm water before getting in the hot tub. This can help to rinse off any lotion, oils, dirt, etc. that might help to contaminated the water.


The Best Hotel Amenities

Hotels offer different stand out amenities and often travelers book hotels according to what these amenities might be. In this day and age to stay ahead of the competition and to become a well sought-after hotel brand, hotels are going far beyond the normal amenities offered. Amenities like turndown service and free coffee in your room are now just looked at as the basics or bare minimum. Check out these amazing, new-age amenities being offered in hotels & bed & breakfast throughout the continent.

Best Stand Out Amenities

Pie Turn Down Service… Say What!? – At a bed & breakfast in New York called The Caldwell House, Pie Turn Down service is offered throughout the month of September to all guests. Starting the day after Labor Day through the end of the month guests get a piece of delicious pie ranging from cherry to apple, and cream pie with their evening turndown service.

High-Speed Internet – Business travelers often need fast high-speed internet for business purposes ranging from conferences to meetings and communication in general. Having high-speed internet included in your stay makes working from the hotel seamless and comfortable. 

Kitchenette – Think microwaves, stovetops, bigger refrigerators & in some cases a full freezer & fridge. This makes staying in your room a lot easier and allows you to eat more of how you want when you are traveling. It also encourages guests to stay on property and really enjoy their rooms.

Elevator Bartender – Offered at The W Hotel in Beverly Hills, guests can find the Sip & Lift Cocktail Caddy with an in-elevator bartender who mixes cocktails from menus from different on-property restaurants. 

While these are just some of the best new-age amenities there are still plenty more that are provided based on the individual hotel you book. Other amenities include:

  • Flexible Check-out
  • Complimentary Electronic Chargers
  • Premium BeddingStain Remover Wipes
  • Pet-Friendly Rooms
  • Air Purification/Non-allergen Rooms


Staying At A bed & Breakfast

Bed and Breakfasts are a great alternative to staying in a hotel while also offering additional benefits. Usually built from charming old houses, the atmosphere is different from hotels and is usually meant to make the guest feel like they are staying in a home that is warm, inviting & comfortable. Bed & breakfasts are great for those who look to have a more personalized experience while also meeting & interacting with new people. That being said there are some pros & cons to staying in a Bed & Breakfast and we have a list for you!

Pro’s & Con’s of A Bed & Breakfast


Scheduled Activities – Most bed & breakfasts offer a scheduled list of activities every day. From activities on the premises to exploring nearby attractions & the nearby towns, the activities are creative & fun!

Meet New People – For those who love meeting new people staying at a bed & breakfast is a great way to do so.  Breakfast is usually enjoyed together with the other guests and evening cocktail hours are usually in place to add a little evening connection.

Personalized Experience – While there is less privacy than a hotel people generally tend to stay at bed & breakfasts to have a more personalized traveling experience. Often creating connections with other guests as well that can turn into love connections, lifelong friendships, and possibly one of the best traveling experiences you might have.


Lack of Amenities – While staying at a bed & breakfast does offer a more personalized experience your stay can also lack some of the hotel amenities you enjoy most on vacation. Think pool, spa, and fitness center to name a few.

Too Close Quarters – You will find a lot more close of quarters when staying in a Bed & Breakfast compared to a hotel. Those that like to keep to themselves should definitely take this into consideration before booking a stay at a B&B. It is also worth mentioning that even those who don’t mind the intimacy of a B&B still may find it is a little too close for comfort when the bed & breakfast is full. 

Other Guests May Not Like – Some people’s personalities and different moral beliefs don’t mesh well with other peoples. You may not have any dislike toward other guests but just find you don’t appreciate them in your space. While you never know what kind of other people might be staying there, there are also a lot of people you could get along well with and enjoy being around. Meeting new people is always great.

With everything there comes pros and cons. If you are looking for a more quaint & interactive stay somewhere a bed and breakfast just might be the spot for you. It is also hard to compare B&B’s to a hotel because they bring to your travel completely different experiences.

Ceramic Pro Photocatalytic -Sanitization Breakthrough

With new safety & sanitary standards, hotels and many in the hospitality industry are striving to find the best sanitization techniques out there. Not only does this help to reduce/halt the spread of Covid-19 it also helps to make guests more comfortable during these hard and uncertain times.  With that being said, in our last article, we went over different steps that hotel companies can take to help lessen guest concerns, but we have found there could be new cutting edge technology to really protect from the spread of germs and viruses.

We spoke with Immaculate Detail owner Jon, about a ceramic coating product his company installs that actually neutralizes and kills bacteria. Ceramic Pro Photocatalytic coating has been proven to professionally clean and disinfects vehicles, homes, restaurants, gyms, hospitals, hotels, and more.  It eliminates airborne viruses, has known antibacterial properties, deodorizes VOC (volatile organic compounds), mold, and soiling.  It can be applied to all surfaces and when it applies it bonds to the substrate. Furthermore, when it is exposed to UV light it continues to disinfect and kill bacteria.

This is a huge thing for the hospitality industry during this pandemic. Not only can it be applied to rooms, but guest service areas, hotel employee work environments, and even hotel transportation killing bacteria on contact, its antibacterial & sanitizing properties also last for up to 6 months.

While the initial investment may seem a bit daunting, the ROI actually allows for the material to pay for itself. And because it is manufactured by Ceramic Pro, the number one ceramic coating in the business, the warranty & quality of this product is unmatched. 

One thing is for certain, with businesses struggling to stay afloat, the travel industry taking a hit, and a lot of unknown when it comes to what the future holds, business competition has never been so real. Staying ahead of the competition and solidifying your mission and standards as a business will go a long way in creating and providing the right sanitary and safe environment for all guests.

COVID-19 Hotel Expectations

 With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing and no apparent end in sight as of yet, traveling and the need for increased sanitization & safety conditions is very important.  From airlines to hotel chains the main focus is to not only make sure that the spread of germs is as minimized as possible but that the guests utilizing their services are comfortable and as much at ease as possible. So what exactly does this look like in terms of the hotel industry?

With increased sanitization & cleaning protocols, hotels are also trying to minimize person-to-person contact as much as possible. This means that as many automated services as possible the better. So from check-in to having guest services send up more towels, hotels are automating as much as possible. While it is not the ideal for the hospitality industry, being that customer experience is everything, there is little that can be done about it during these times. Other hotel policy changes include…

Reservation Flexibility- is key right now. With so much up in the air and everyone’s health a great concern, hotels who generally have a strict cancellation policy are now showing a great deal of flexibility. Should a potential guest fall ill, change travel plans, or numerous other reasons, hotels are embracing flexible reservation policies.

Communication- Most hotels in an effort to keep their guests in the loop and aware of their cleaning and sanitization standards many are posting information and signage with all of the wanted details and then some. Staying in communication with their guests and embracing the trying times that we are in let guests know that the hotel has their health and best interest in mind and that they greatly want to make the guest feel comfortable upon their stay.

Food & Beverage Options- You will also notice a great change in the food and beverage options within your hotel. Should they offer a complimentary breakfast instead of buffet style things will be prepackaged and handed out individually. Many in house restaurants will not be open for inside sit down service but their patios may be available with social distancing requirements in effect. 

While we aren’t sure really what to expect in terms of what is to happen in the future for now we can all work together to slow the spread of disease & germs and all do our part in making sure we are as sanitary as possible. Should you have concerns about the hotel you are staying in it is always best to ask to speak with someone that can further explain protocols, answer your questions, etc.

10 Best Resort Kid’s Programs

More and more resorts are catering to children’s requirements. It is not enough to have a playground or arts and crafts, there is a lot that is required. This allows them the time to learn, and have the best of their experience possible.

Cayman Islands: The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman:

There are 40-themed experiences that your kids can choose from with three modules for kids aged 4 to 7, and three to kids 8-17. The program will allow the kids to explore their surroundings with adventures like pontoon boat rides, or Atlantis XI that sinks up to 100 feet.

Hawaii: Grand Wailea:

The location is not enough that the resort offers, but it has a unique appeal among the kids. Grand Walea has an enhanced plan for kids 5-12 years. It is open all week, with morning, afternoon, and night camps. Its camp is more than 20,000 square feet.

Hawaii: Grand Wailea

New York: Mohonk Mountain House:

Mohonk Mountain House everything that kids love. It has a fairy tale setting and is located in the woods. This makes the best of the theme. It allows the kid to connect with outdoor life through a range of activities.

Georgia: Cloister at Sea Island:

The resorts seasonal kids club has a significant number of activities that your children can do. It caters to kids from three- 12. The activities include fishing, baking, and shooting schools.

Georgia: Cloister at Sea Island

New Mexico: Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa:

It is located on part of Native American Pueblo and is set on a unique theme. It connects the children to history, and experience the art of this culture. The activities include sand paintings, native American games. Etc.

Jamaica: Half Moon Bay:

This is a luxury that your kids can’t afford to miss. The kids can join in supervised activities that are housed in the resorts Anancy Children’r village. 3-12 years old children can join. The activities include a wading pool, a sandbox, and activity rooms apart from all other activities.

Jamaica: Franklyn D. Resort:

Franklyn D. Resort has a children’s program that is much popular among the parents. It has a lot of activities. When you get in the resort, you will be assigned your nanny. She will handle all the kid’s activities like bathing, and dressing the kids to breakfast and lunch.

Jamaica: Franklyn D. Resort

Florida: The Ritz-Carlton Naples:

Ritz Carlton Naples has 11 aquariums that house fishes, sharks, crabs, jellyfish, eel, and you can even find alligators. If you have older children, they can make use of a small lab that will let them explore the marine life.

Vermont: Smuggler’s Notch:

This is the best Ski families can find. The ski lessons for kids that begin at 2.5 years are led by knowledgeable staff.

California: Hotel del Coronado:

The program offers plenty of fun activities. The indoor/outdoor activities have three-hour camps, and one hour programs for children. There is a beach-themed room, and surfing lessons.


Every parent wants the best for their kids, and keeping these things in mind, resorts have derived various methods and activities, that allow the kids to learn, and explore.